Window graphics is a key part to a potential customers first impression.

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With rows and rows of different shop windows, how will your business attract its customers? Most people look straight ahead when walking and with fascias being out of eye line, window graphics are one of the most prominent ways of getting customers to glance your way.

There are a variety of different window graphics and each one serves a different purpose. If you are looking to attract new customers, then coloured vinyls might be the way forward. We can tailor your window graphics to your exact needs, to fill just parts of your window or an entire area. With our vinyl plotters we can cut and install company names, opening times and information in a vast selection of colours.

“But what if i have a photo that i want on my windows”? With the latest digital printers, we can offer you the highest quality print to give your windows a professional look. The complexity of the image won’t affect the print quality, so you can be as creative as you like.

After some privacy from prying eyes, but don’t have an image to install on you window? We offer a privacy film called frosted vinyl which allows light through, to keep your shop from becoming too dark, but if people look in to your shop all they will see are silhouettes. Frosted vinyl is heavily used within the hair cutting industry to offer customers privacy when they are getting their hair done.

Some people like having the best of both worlds. They want a beautiful digital print with the privacy of a frosted vinyl. Luckily we offer One-way Vision which does both of those things. Made up of tiny holes, it allows people looking into your store to see beautifully printed digital graphics from the outside, but from the inside it looks like staring out of a usual window.

Whatever your need is, we have a huge variety of different window graphics to meet your needs. If you’re confused about which product would be best suited for yourself, why not give us a call? Even if it’s just for advice, we are more than happy to help.


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