Car wrapping and Vehicle graphics done right.

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Love your vehicle, but want to change how it looks? Then you are after a vehicle wrap! You simply choose a colour or design that you wish and we do the rest.

We either buy in the  vinyl colour you wish, or if you wish to advertise, digitally print how you want your signage to look and apply straight onto your vehicle. Therefore, no matter what design you wish to have, we can accommodate.

There are several advantages to wrapping your vehicle. The main advantage is being able to completely change how your vehicle looks which furthermore gives you plenty of design choices.

We have an extensive range of different vinyl’s to choose from, such as gloss vinyl’s, metallic vinyl’s, matte vinyl’s and more specialised items like Carbon Fibre.

If you are looking to have some bespoke made, then we offer an in house digital print service and as a result can offer you the perfect vinyl for your design.

Having your vehicle wrapped also offers protection to the paintwork of your vehicle. This works like laminating a piece of paper, the vinyl takes the brunt of the elements and helps prevent paint chips.

There are some draw backs to wrapping a vehicle. Wrapping a vehicle can take time, especially when we need to dismantle parts of the vehicle to gain access to all the smart areas of your vehicle.

Typically, having a vehicle wrap is less time consuming then having your vehicle sprayed (and gives you more options, too) but can still take between 2 to 4 days.

Also, depending on what you would like to have done, it isn’t necessarily the cheapest option available. Which takes us to vehicle graphics and decals

Vehicle graphics and decals utilizes the colour of your van by applying cut vinyl’s to areas of your vehicle. This allows us to apply your logo, company contact information and product details without having to spend a large some of money.

We use vinyl plotters to cut graphics out of large vinyl sheets, which we then cover with transfer tape. This allows us to then measure onto your vehicle so we get your graphics nice and straight!

Not sure which option is best for you? We have colour swatch books available instore for you to take a look at and we are happy to discuss any ideas you might have. We like a challenge!