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Sign making is the general term for creating long lasting, vibrant, exciting signs and displays, which has changed dramatically over the years.

The main purpose of a sign is to be informative. To either direct, provide information or to convey danger in certain circumstances. This make signs an incredibly powerful tool for any creative mind,

It is said that the some of the first signs were originally created in China, which was achieve by copper plate printing. Needless to say, technology and different methods of signage creating has come along way since then.

Currently, there are a large array of different methods of producing your ideal sign. Sign making itself is usually associated with applying computer cut vinyls (polymeric calendared translucent vinyl) from a selection of different colours and applying them to a substrate of the customer choice.

Although sign making can be quite limited in its technology, it offers some of the longest lasting signs possible. Vibrant colours also means that your signs will stand out well, even if the sun isn’t shining!

The vinyl itself has a self adhesive backing, meaning we can pick a large number of materials to apply these too. Materials such as Aluminium Composite, Foamex, Correx to name a few. If needed, these can also be applied to heavy materials, such as Aluminium and Steel.

However, sign making itself is not limited to flat signage. It also includes the creating of trays, exhibition signage, way finding self adhesive stickers and much more.

Signs can be complex and  not straight out of the box. Over the years we have gained expertise in many bespoke signs, from self-supporting Foamex cut outs, to triangular supported ‘spin the wheels’. If you are unsure of what option is best for your needs then simply call or e-mail us, and we can discuss which options will be best for you.

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