The Sables     Hylands Park    Chelmsford

We were approached by Chelmsford Borough Parks to create stylish, modern and unique signage for their recently renovated Artist studios situated in Hylands Stables, in Hylands Park

We met with Edd and James (Graphic Designer) to speak in-depth about the possible solutions we could offer for quite a challenging project.

With our many years experience, technical know-how and specialized machinery, we were able to offer truly stunning signage at competitive prices which are also made to last.

The Stables Noticeboard

The main attraction, the notice board.

This was perhaps the most challenging part of the entire project, as this required an immense amount of detail and accuracy which we were aiming for.

We were tasked with creating a stylish, modern, self supporting, illuminated noticeboard, with interchangeable resident slats and easy to attach event posters.

This in itself required many different disciplines, bespoke made modular signs and creative thinking to achieve the overall look.

We first started by adapting our modular style signs to fit a much larger sign (Sign shown here is 3000x1500mm). This required additional internal strengthers and larger posts to support the frame

We then purchased and attached an LED down light to the top of the frame for illumination at night time. We managed to feed the wires through the internal metal work so that no wires were on show.

Next, we needed to accurately map out the exact position of each individual business sign to ensure that the noticeboard looked balanced. We achieve this by plotting marks onto the board itself. This allows us to accurately drill and affix each stand off to the sign.

We used this process again for the clear acrylic signage.

Overall, we are immensely happy with how this particular sign came out. The customer was delighted too!

Internal Graphics

The original windows that were in place were bland.

With the design that James offered, we were able to bring the centre of The Stables to life with vibrant white vinyls.

To ensure that potential customers and visitors are confident that they can find the Artist Studios, we installed 10mm White Stand off lettering to the front of the brickwork.

This offers a clear cut and classy look to the building, as combined with the windows, offers a free flowing creative area.

This is perhaps one of Signs for You most challenging projects to date, but one we thoroughly enjoyed.

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