Drain Doctor September 2018

See what Signs For You did for Drain Doctor

Attention to detail is crucial to good-looking, professional signage.  We recently printed and installed new external and internal signage for Drain Doctor in Woodbridge.  There were several different printing and fixing techniques involved to bring everything together and ourselves and the client are extremely pleased with the outcome.

A big, three-panel sign was needed for the front of the building above the entrance. For this we printed and installed a flex face, which had to be attached onto an aluminium frame on a wall fitted with cladding. A flex face is made of fabric, so it is light enough to not damage the cladding. The process involved several phases.

The first was to fix the central frame in place using cladding. Installing the central panel first ensured that the finished sign is set properly and in relation to the door and ensures that when adding the two side panels the positioning is still correct. Using a cherry picker for the whole process, we then attached the printed flex face. It is first loosely fixed into place and checked to ensure everything is properly aligned before the loops attached to the flex panel are hooked over the frame to ensure a tight, smooth, crease-free finish.

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For the inside of the building we made vinyl graphics of the Drain Doctor logo, which were applied directly to the wall.  At the back of the room we installed two very large-scale maps. These were digitally printed onto wallpaper and, again, applied directly onto the walls.

Internal Artwork